Collaboration Works!


I just encountered an email from a woman out of state whose parents live in Goshen.  They found our contact information for our HEAP program and also stated in her email that her elderly parents are in need of food.  I was able to pull up the pantry list on the web portal and get her the contact information as well as hours and location of the pantry in Goshen where they live.

-Billie Kuntz Executive Director, Clermont Community Services



In 2014, we had a homeless man who came to our church (Landmark Ministries) and ask for help. He was living in a tent in the woods next to Amelia High School. We were able to leverage the relationships we have through the Safety Net to help him get into the Homeless Shelter during the harsh winter months, find him employment and get him established with other county aid that he needed. As of 2015, he is currently living in Hamilton County but doing well.

Krista Little, CCSNA admin/Landmark Ministries


ywca & interparish ministries

The YWCA Emergency Food Pantry had been serving Clermont County for over 50 years and in 2014 served over 5000 individuals. However the ability to deliver services in the most effective manner is hindered by 1) our building not having sufficient space and 2) only having funding to support one part-time staff position.  Given these challenges we have determined we can better serve the community by transitioning our pantry services to Inter Parish Ministry (IPM) which has Emergency Food Services as its core purpose. IPM has provided emergency food assistance to residents of Clermont and eastern Hamilton counties for over 50 years with two choice pantry locations in Newtown and Batavia, as well as monthly mobile pantries which have enabled IPM to continue their tradition of providing help and hope to families in need.  The YWCA will continue to focus their safety net efforts on their emergency shelter and housing needs of survivors of domestic violence and their children.

- Eileen Hopkins, former Director of Education & Training, YWCA and Lindsey Ein, Executive Director, Inter Parish Ministries


clough baptist church

I cannot even tell you how amazing it has been to be part of the Safety Net. We use the search function at least weekly to help those who call us find an appropriate agency. Thank you for all your hard work. - Kandis Babel, Clough Baptist


healthsource ohio

I sent an alert and in less than 15 minutes I had 3 new resources/leads for the family! Incredible!  And it will be a great reminder to our Care Team about how to utilize the platform.  We’re still working on a few things, but wanted to let you know that we have this family set up with food and shelter (can stay at hotel) for the next week, clothing items for both children (thanks to WC) and funds for Target to help with their needs (huge thanks to Empower Youth).  It’s been an incredible reminder of how blessed we are to have this community and this tool at our fingertips! Thank you! - Jen Patrick, Healthsource Ohio