We are a collaborative of over 100 area agencies including county agencies, faith-based organizations, business sponsors and government/county agencies.  We work together to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our partner agencies as they better assist their clients with needed essentials such as food, utilities and housing. Many of our partner agencies also have a great amount of additional assistance programs and resources available to help families such as clothing, employment, educational classes, etc...

The relationships built through our network could assist you by providing referrals and by providing additional support needed as families utilize your services. We also work hard to make resources much more accessible for our partner agencies by utilizing this website (with login access for partners).  Our website contains all kinds of information about the wonderful resources available for Clermont families.

There are no fees associated with membership.  We want to make it simple for ALL agencies/organizations to get access to the information we've collected.

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All information and content contained in this website are provided solely for general information and reference purposes.   Although efforts will be made to maintain accuracy, the Clermont County Safety Net Alliance makes no statement, representation, warranty or guarantee as to the accuracy, reliability or timeliness of the information and content contained therein.  Links contained in this website are provided as a resource and neither constitutes or implies endorsement.  The Clermont County Safety Net Alliance disclaims any liability in connection with the use of information contained in this website. 


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