The Clermont County Safety Net Alliance is a collaboration of partner agencies and NOT a funding source. Member agencies: please sign in and use the alert system or utilize the search function for resources. Individuals seeking services or resources should call 211 (United Way).

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Based on the existing NKY SafetyNet Alliance formed in June 2007, in Northern Kentucky, the Clermont County Safety Net Alliance opened to its members in 2012 as a newly developing program focused on the needs of Clermont County residents.  

The Safety Net Alliance is a collaboration of social service agencies and other entities committed to providing effective and efficient emergency assistance to Clermont County residents in need. We meet quarterly on the first Thursday of the month; taking time to spotlight the efforts of a few of our members, host guest speakers, and make inter-agency connections. 

Since its inception, the SNA of Clermont County has grown from five agencies to over 100 area agencies, representing government groups, non-profit organizations, and supporting business partners. 


Initial funding for the this website was donated by The Butler Foundation, with the generous in-kind contribution of TiER1 Performance Solutions. 

Additional funding ($1,000 each) was provided by Scripps Howard Foundation, Park National Bank and the Batavia Rotary for continuing development of the Safety Net for Clermont County.  A grant for CCSNA year one development was awarded by PNC Charitable Trust.  Funding also provided by the United Way of Greater Cincinnati and the Greater Cincinnati Foundation.  Lunch sponsorship by Park National Bank and Golden Rule Catering. Door prize sponsors by Steam Clean Cincy and ShowersPlusMore.

If you would like to make a donation, please send a check to: CC Safety Net Alliance, C/O Community Services, 3003 Hospital Drive, Batavia, OH  45103.



Lisa Davis

Lisa Davis is the Director of Community Relations for Clermont County Board of Developmental Disabilities. Lisa cannot recall the year she joined the CCSNA Executive Committee and simply confesses, “I think someone voluntold me to be at a meeting, and I showed up!”  Lisa shared that she jumped on board when, “Brandon and Krista Little were working on this brand new concept…collaborating with other agencies so one didn’t have to do it all!”  Lisa’s early memory described one that many of us can echo, Lindsey Ein greeting her at the door. “Lindsey’s smiling face told me this was an Executive Committee I wanted to be part of!”

Tara Dill

Tara Dill is the Volunteer Coordinator for Give Like A Mother (G.L.A.M.). She has 20 years experience in the non-profit sector, including Reachout Director for Crossroads Church Eastside where she was introduced to CCSNA through Krista and Brandon Little in 2019. CCSNA’s mission to collaborate and bring many others together to serve the greater community is attractive and aligns with GLAM’s mission as well as Tara’s passion to connect people to resources. It’s an honor to serve our community alongside this talented and caring team.

Judy Eschmann

Judy Eschmann is the Vice President of Community and Business Operations for Council on Aging. She has served as a member of the CCSNA Executive Committee since 2019. This is Judy’s shared story of how she got involved with CCSNA, “I had accepted the Director position with the Clermont County Job and Family Services agency in 2013 and quickly heard from others that joining the Clermont County Safety Net Alliance was the best way to network and learn about all the organizations that assist Clermont County families. This turned out to be excellent advice!  I became an Executive Committee member when I started my employment with Council on Aging in 2019. CCSNA provides opportunities to collaborate with various organizations that share a similar mission of helping all Clermont County residents.” Judy’s significant ‘memory story’ is from her first CCSNA meeting.  After the scheduled presentation, each person had an opportunity to stand up, introduce themselves and share one of their organization’s current events. It was inspiring for her to hear all the great things that were happening in our community.  

Jennifer Harcourt

Jennifer Harcourt is the Community Services Director at Clermont Senior Services and has been with the agency since 2014. Clermont Senior Services has been involved with CCSNA for quite some time, but felt they could do more by becoming an active member of the Executive Committee. “Working in the social services sector, we all recognize the need for collaboration and prompt responses. The CCSNA offers both of those. I have always been impressed with the quick response time and vast network of people who are ready and willing to lend a hand with, often, tough situations.

Alida Hart

Alida Hart is the President and CEO of IPM Food Pantry. She has been serving on the Executive Committee since 2019. Alida was delighted to be asked to serve on this committee, as IPM Food Pantry was one of the founding agencies of CCSNA in 2012. She is inspired by the “commitment and dedication of  this team bringing the community together to respond to the needs of those experiencing poverty.”  Alida shared these touching sentiments, “I have met so many caring and creative individuals through my affiliation with CCSNA. These are people that show up during snowstorms to deliver food to families or jump through hoops to provide shelter for a family in crisis. CCSNA members are always ready to roll-up their sleeves and help those in need. I am honored to be part of this amazing group of community leaders.”

Billie Kuntz

Billie Kuntz is the Executive Director of Clermont County Community Services. She has been serving on the CCSNA Executive Committee from the Safety Net’s initial beginning in 2012. Billie was approached and invited to join the committee by Lindsey Ein, former President and CEO of IPM Food Pantry. When Billie was asked to recall one significant memory or moment during her volunteer time with CCSNA, she kindly elaborated, “For me, it’s not one moment. It’s the cumulative commitment that the executive committee has kept and not waned. In the beginning it was hard to get going and keep momentum and even after Lindsey retired, we have such strong leaders with a passion to help the community. It is very inspiring to work with people who truly want to see people live their best life and help those in need is such blessing. There are no hidden agendas or territorial struggles in this group.”

Brandon Little

Brandon Little is a pastor/elder at Landmark Church. He has been serving as a member of the Executive Committee of the Safety Net since its inception in 2012. Brandon found the inspiration to get involved with CCSNA because “we kept having to turn away folks with needs we were unable to meet and had no idea where to direct them.” As one of the founding members of the Clermont County Safety Net Alliance, Brandon could share multiple memorable stories but these are some special highlights for him - “While it thrills me every time collaboration happens within the alliance, one of my favorite memories is when our startup team was in the early stages of establishing our alliance. We spent lots of time together dining and dreaming, consulted with the NKY Safety Net Alliance, and received some incredible help from an Operational Psychology class at NKU.”


Krista Little works for Landmark Church and Steam Clean Cincy doing administrative work as well as the CCSNA. Krista joined the Safety Net in 2015, when she took the job as the membership’s Administrator. The story Krista tells - “I remember Brandon and Lindsey Ein taking me to dinner to explain more about the Safety Net and what the role of administrator would entail. It was not a hard decision to make because I believe in the mission of the Safety Net. To think I could help so many people with my administrative gifts by being involved in this collaboration was very appealing and heart-warming for me.” Krista was super excited when CCSNA hit 100 partner agencies. “This is our 10th anniversary so I feel we’ve had slow but steady growth and I can definitely see the difference we make in our community.”  

Michelle Sandlin

Michelle Sandlin is a Retail Training Coordinator with Park National Bank. She has volunteered on the CCSNA Executive Committee since 2018. “When my supervisor, Jennifer Fischer, an original start-up member of the Safety Net and Executive Committee was planning her retirement and stepping down from the committee position, she encouraged me to get involved.” She is a perfect match for CCSNA too! Michelle has many different interests in serving the community. Michelle shares a heart-felt reason her involvement with CCSNA is so impactful - “It was when I stepped in to help clients involved with the Clermont County Courts – Family Dependency Treatment Court. I’ve helped a few clients with rebuilding their banking relationship and have seen a few graduate from the program. I am so very proud when I see them graduating from the treatment program!”

Kelly Smith Trondle

Kelly Smith-Trondle is the Director of Employment and Recovery Services at Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services (GCBH). She was invited to join the Executive Committee in 2021. CCSNA asked GCBH to speak at a meeting about public benefits- Social Security and Medicaid.  “After that meeting Krista asked me if I would be interested in joining the executive committee.”  While Kelly’s time on the committee is still new to share a significant moment or memory… Kelly did have this to say about being a part of the CCSNA – “I do believe in the mission of the Safety Net Alliance and know that this kind of collaboration is necessary to truly help the people in our communities.” 

LeAnn Townes

LeAnn Townes is the Coordinator of James Sauls Homeless Shelter operated by Clermont County Community Services. She joined the CCSNA Executive Committee in 2012, when the Safety Net was in its infancy. LeAnn recalled that is was Lindsey Ein who inspired her to be on the Executive Committee. LeAnn says it well, “What an amazing woman.” LeAnn brings compassion, insight, and humor to the Executive Committee. When asked to share a significant memory during her time with the committee, LeAnn expounded that being with the Safety Net has allowed her to learn so much more about agencies in Clermont County that previously, were unfamiliar. Her sentiment is one the committee hears often from many of the members.  

Susan Vilardo

Susan Vilardo is the former Executive Director of the Literacy Council of Clermont and Brown Counties.  She has been with the CCSNA since its early beginnings in 2012. Susan remembers with great fondness being introduced to the concept of the Safety Net through her working relationship with Lindsey Ein. Susan and Lindsey were in a Mentoring Leadership Group and Lindsey spoke of the Safety Net that was being formed in Clermont County. “At first, I nearly felt left out, thinking what in the world did the Literacy Council have to offer individuals who were seeking the common thread-or-need of food, shelter, and utilities? Then it hit me like a thunder bolt. These are the very same individuals Literacy Council is serving, just under different umbrellas. We all need to come together, work together, for some cohesive grounding.” After that realization, Susan was hooked. Even after the Literacy Council dissolved in 2019, she is still committed to the Mission of the CCSNA. “This is a community of workers, a connected family of good-hearted people.”